The Magical Membership for your Soul

For the cosmic woman yearning to rise.

Coming out of the ‘spiritual closet’ can be a lonely and scary journey…
But it shouldn’t be! 
And, that’s why I’m here; to help you dive deeper into your soul and reclaim your magic.


Soul Sister, this is your invitation to a place where you will feel seen, heard and supported.
A place to find connection, growth and true sisterhood.



You’re in the right place if you...

Are craving connection and a community who see you, feel you and get you

Are committed to soul growth and expansion

Know that there’s so much more to life and are ready to invite the magic in

Are you in a place right now that feels lonely and ‘misplaced’? 

Do friends and family think you’re weird for talking about the moon, crystals and all things spirituality? 

Are you starving; not physically, but on a deep, soul level, for connection, affection, expansion?

I see you, I feel you, I GET you!

Soul sister, I’ve been there! Exactly where you are right now!

Just two years ago I left a five year relationship, a life and home that I had built, friendships, community, belongings, BUT when all of that fell away, I found my home in a whole different way...

The most magical way...I came home to myself. 

And, through all of the ups and downs, I found faith, I healed, expanded and found new friendships that were centred around heart connection, love and support.

I found my Soul Sisters, and now you can too!

When women gather, hearts connect, friendships are made and lives are changed.

When women gather...the world heals a little more.



Enrol in The Soul Sisterhood today and get instant access


If you’re ready to find your Soul Sisters; to experience magic, to rise from the flames, and to grow into the woman you are destined to be, the Soul Sisterhood membership is here for you!

 What’s Included?

Soul Sisterhood Circles 

Every month hold (virtual) hands with your global sisterhood. 

A sacred place to share, to feel seen and heard by women who really ‘get you’. A space to share what’s alive for you and be coached through.

Cosmic Connection 

Every month in our Soul Sisterhood Facebook group, our in house astrologer Sudevi Kramer will share a live energy update. This cosmic connection can bring peace, acceptance and wisdom as we navigate our way down the path of our eternal soul expansion.

Full & New Moon Readings

Soul Digger Sudevi Kramer shares a powerful New and Full Moon reading each month to help you tap into the power of the Moon, let go of what no longer serves you and manifest magic!

Magic Masterclass 

Every month I’ll host an exclusive masterclass to help you heal, feel, learn and grow into the best possible version of you! Digging deep beneath the layers, together we’ll guide you back home to your own divine wisdom.

Are you asking yourself these questions?

Is there anyone who speaks 'my language'?

How can I find a sisterhood when there’s so much disconnection in the world?

Is there anyone who I can truly open up and be vulnerable with?

Exclusive Launch Offer

$33/per month

6 month membership

The Soul Sisterhood includes:

  •  Monthly Soul Sister Circle (Value $111)

    Monthly Cosmic Connection Reading with In-house Astrologer Sudevi Kramer - (Value $150)

  •  New Moon and Full Moon Readings - (Value $33)

  •  Monthly Magic Masterclass - (Value $111)

  •  Community of Like-minded Women who ‘Get You’ - (Value: priceless)

  • Today's value: $2,430 
  • MONTHLY PRICE - $33 per month (minimum 6 month commitment)

You're Home, Soul Sister...

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you're home soul sister.

Your Soul Sisters are waiting to cheer you on! 

There’s so much waiting for you, that one month just isn’t enough to embrace the full Soul Sisterhood magic.

That’s why we offer a minimum commitment of 6 months so that you can build friendships, experience deep soul growth and build your relationship with yourself.