The Soul Digger Masterclasses

Tap into the power of manifestation with these signature masterclass programs.

The Limtiless Masterclass

A 2-day immersive experience for the woman who's ready to break the rules and unlock her next-level, abundant AF life.


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Power of I Am

Unlock the toolkit to living in alignment with The Power of I Am 90 minute Masterclass.

Access the tools to create the results you want to see in your life. Live in alignment with your destiny. Master your mindset and find the power of I am. 


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Soul Digger Starter Kit

Access The Limitless Masterclass, The Power of I Am plus Miracle Bundle (Meditations, affirmation screensavers, Go For it Guide, Daily Prayer and 12 Universal Laws). Immerse yourself in Soul Digger magic. 

$111 (usually $222)

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Initiation & Soul Activation

Immerse your self in the two-hour Initiation to embrace the highs and lows of life and weather any storm with absolute faith and trust that everything is working out for you.

Know that with every challenge comes as an opportunity to be a match to your wildest dreams.

Plus, tune into the Soul Activation to take your vibration to the next level.


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Sensual Celebration

Tap into your powerful & potent sexual energy and amplify your desires.

In this exclusive 1-hour masterclass you will feel inspired to take aligned action from a new high vibrational space and fill up with pleasure that will magnetise your desires TO YOU.


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Miracle Movement

Your magical, miracle-filled, life full of endless possibilities is ready for you! Join the Challenge and start your journey to owning your power and remembering how powerful you are!! It's time to believe in miracles.


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Quantum Codes

Crack the quantum code and experience unreasonable results in your wealth, success, joy and abundance in this 2-hour Immersion.


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Soulful Six Figures

Want in on a EPIC experience where you get to receive a FULL ON 6-Figure Business transmission!?

Learn the strategy, energetics and mindset behind earning 6 figures in 6 months (in half the time it took us last year) whilst travelling around 6 countries!

  • If you’re ready to collapse time
  • Have it feel easier than ever before 
  • Get access to high level coaching by me and be in the room with other paradigm shifting women…

Claim your seat at the table!

We clear out the old, and invite in the new. 


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