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Get Ready for Miracles
Transform fear into faith and become a magnet for miracles.

Dear Goddess… 

WOW…you are the most powerful you have ever been.

The most magnificent divine creation. Perfect in every way. Your beauty is breathtaking, your wisdom mesmerising, your energy magnetising.

Thank you for having the courage to follow your heart and live a life that sets your soul on fire.

Living authentically, fearlessly and unapologetically every single day. Your bravery to walk with fear, pain, shame and those parts of you yet to fully heal…you are perfect as you are…a divine miracle intentionally created for such a time as this.

YOU are so needed…your dreams, your courage, your truth, your power.

You are a miracle, a unique manifestation, 1 in 400 trillion chance of you being born. You’ve never needed fixing, you just needed permission to OWN your power and CLAIM a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Keep trusting yourself, your guidance, your full body YES decisions.

I see you. I believe in you. I trust your timing. I trust you’ll know when you know.

I'm not going anywhere, I'm here for the looonng game! Devoted to you, to me, to the mission.

You can't get it wrong and you’ll never get it done. Everything is always working out for you… it's all perfect.

Witnessing your transformation is such a gift to me, to you, to the world. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better leader, for allowing me to walk beside you on this journey.

I feel so honoured that you chose me as your guide. What a privilege to be a part of your story and legacy that will inspire millions for lifetimes to come.

Keep shining your light and owning your magic. It's already done, it's already yours.

It's time to not only believe, but EXPECT miracles.

Claim your future now.
I'm In

Hey Beautiful

I KNOW you’ve heard the whisper and are ready to live your wildest dreams. You’ve been working hard and are committed to becoming all you can be.

I see you and I'm celebrating you for that!

In my experience partnering with hundreds of women who’ve experienced new levels of wealth, success, joy and abundance, and Soul Digger recently celebrating 6 figures in 6 months whilst traveling across 6 countries (half the time it took us last year), the key to the quantum leap is energy. I've seen so many women with the mindset, work ethic and desire for more but they aren’t tapping into the universal life force energy that is all around them. They buy into the old paradigm of ‘work harder’ and base their own potential on what others think is possible, leaving them feeling burnt out, empty and unfulfilled.

I call BS!!

You can have whatever you want WITHOUT QUESTION!

You can live a life beyond your wildest dreams WITHOUT QUESTION!

AND it gets to be SIMPLE, EASY and FUN!

Whether you know exactly what you want or you're still on the journey to discovering, I invite you to be one of the few who empowers herself with the tangible tools and energetic principals that will transform her life forever.

Once you have the tools to rewire, reframe and remember who you are throughout the inevitable life challenges…you become limitless!

You may have dreams and know that ‘one day’ they will become a reality, but it's another thing to stop waiting for those things to appear to feel good. To cultivate a deep passionate love affair with the unknown (instead of fearing, avoiding, filling the void) feeling empowered in the knowing that everything you desire is on its way in perfect divine timing.

Manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams comes down to staying anchored in your next-level identity, that version of you who has the clarity, confidence and courage to take action on your most creative idea, knowing that in every moment the universe is responding TO you.

When you calibrate your frequency to expect miracles you…

Dream bigger than you've ever dreamed before
Stay anchored in ‘what could be possible’
Feel like it's already happened
Know that it's inevitable
Take bold courageous action
Have the faith that everything is always working out


The unreasonable becomes reasonable 
Opportunities appear out of nowhere
You become a match to miracles and an example of what's possible 

It's time to experience your FULL power, EXPECT miracles…and allow the universe to support you on your journey to becoming all that you can be.



Who you are, why your here and your unique soul purpose.


Release the remaining shame, guilt & limiting beliefs around what’s possible for you so that the universe is responding to the highest most aligned version of you.

Reclaim Your Power

As you gain the tools to maintain your vibration, allowing you to navigate through any of life's challenges.


Allow yourself to be a match to everything you desire.


Learn to listen to the nudges and leap into your next level life with absolute faith and trust.

Expect Miracles

Transform your fear into faith as you embrace the unknown. Knowing that your dreams are not only possible, but inevitable.

The Only Program You Need to Manifest Your Dream Life

I'm In

If you're a woman who...

Is ready to see what she's capable of.

Is ready to magnetise her next level with EASE.

Is ready to squeeze as much life out of life as possible.

Thrives in a high-vibrational community with back-pocket support.

Is no longer available to take on other people's limitations, dimming to fit in or conform to the ‘norms’.

Knows the value of investing in herself.

Is excited about WHO she is becoming.

Is more interested in CALIBRATION than information.

Is ready to take BIG, BOLD, INSPIRED action.

Is focused on what she can GIVE vs what she can GET.

Is ready to see how far she can go and how high she can fly.

You're right on time!

Let me Introduce Myself

Hey, im Kim, an ordinary girl from a small town called Stoke on Trent who decided to go for it. I wasn't taught to dream big, to think outside the box OR to understand the law of attraction.
If you're anything like me, you were conditioned to dim yourself to fit into follow society's rules and not be ‘too big for your boots’ or be too ‘greedy’. You’ve created a narrative around timelines that impacts your perception of what's possible by when.
You’re trying to dream big, stay positive, hold the vision and take action from a place of knowing even when the evidence says otherwise.
The people around you think you’re crazy, and sometimes you let that impact you.
Staying in the knowing relies on you mastering your vibration.
I get it, I've been there! 
And I can tell you…it doesn't stop when you reach a certain level or income goal. In fact the gaps get bigger and the challenges more ‘riskier’ BUT the faith gets stronger. The duality of life becomes normal and the unknown feels more and more like the known.
Girl…I've got you! As you take deeper breaths and bigger leaps we’ll transform any fear into absolute faith, anchoring in the certainty that anything you desire is already yours…you’ll be a master of not only believing in your next level, but magnetising it to you with so much ease and joy.
Miracles happening everyday, the perfect thing arriving at the perfect divine time, opportunities literally falling from the sky and timelines that don't make any sense. The journey feels just as fulfilling at the ‘destination’ because you’re a walking embodiment of your dreams already being a reality.
Your faith and trust ripples through every action you feels so easy, effortless and joyful!
If you're reading this, I'm guessing that you no longer tolerate taking on other peoples' perceptions of what's possible and you're ready to blow your own god damn mind!!
I’ve always known that there was ‘more’ but I didn't have the support or evidence to inspire me.
Most of my life I’ve conformed to the rules or lived according to how other people thought I ‘should’ live.
I was a full time model for most of my life, then in 2012 I found entrepreneurship through my network marketing business.
After 1 year I quit modelling and went all in on my online business. I hustled my way to the 3rd of 4 levels in the company through sheer grit and determination.
I hit a glass ceiling when I tried to do business like everyone else, it felt hard, limiting and I'd disconnected from my soul.
After my mum Margaret suddenly passed away in 2016 I made a commitment to live life to the full with no regrets!! This is where my spiritual journey began and I finally found what I'd been searching for all along…. my soul. When I finally followed the nudges and let my soul lead the way everything changed. A whole new world of possibility, mystery and magic opened up and I felt LIMITLESS.
My business felt simple, easy, fun and magnetic. The unknown no longer felt scary and opportunities literally fell out of the sky. 
When I embraced the duality of life, cultivated the courage to take bigger leaps and raised my level of consciousness…all the things that I'm teaching in EXPECT life expanded beyond my wildest dreams.
I've become an example of what's possible when you dig deep, take the leap and trust the magical unfolding of life.
It's not about who you are right now, it's about who you're becoming.
It's not about where you've been, but about where you're going.
I don't care about your past…I care that you're right here, right now, READY to embrace the infinite potential that is available to you NOW.
You have the power to choose…
To go from more to more, from big to bigger, from believing to EXPECTING miracles.
I'm excited to witness you as you become all you can be.
My team and I are ready with open arms and an open heart to be of service to you, amplifying your income and impact, making quantum shifts and unreasonable results in your life and business.
Here's my invitation to you:
Ditch what society has told you is possible.
Remove the fear of what could go wrong.



Expect Miracles 


This program is pre-recorded and accessible at your own leisure. Email [email protected] for any questions or to explore 1-1 coaching.

What Client's Say



"I’m now living my best life, and I’m just warming up. Expect Miracles helped me to open up to and integrate my masculine and feminine, to tune into everything that I want."



"You'll never look back and your mind, your thoughts, your soul, your feeling everyday will be totally different"

What my Client's Say



"You'll never look back and your mind, your thoughts, your soul, your feeling everyday will be totally different"


"I’m now living my best life, and I’m just warming up. Expect Miracles helped me to open up to and integrate my masculine and feminine, to tune into everything that I want."