Are you ready to live in complete Alignment?

Do you understand alignment mean to you?

Do you know WHO you are & WHAT you stand for?

Have you created a fully aligned 10 year VISION?

Have you created healthy boundaries and know how to say NO?

Do you know HOW to put it all into action?!

Find out how

5 Days

In just five days, delve deep into what lights you up and how to follow your passions for a life in alignment.

Life changing results

Feel like time is limited? Struggling to focus? In just five days, transform your life in magical, life-changing ways.

Step into your purpose

This is your time, Queen. The world is ready for you to step into your purpose. It all starts with you.

The best leverage you can have is being in alignment

You own your vibration. No one else.

Once you understand that your alignment really is the secret to living a great life, the whole game will change. The most selfless thing you can do is work on yourself.

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5 Day Align & Shine Challenge


Worth $199

  • Tools to align you with your biggest dreams
  • Find out how to manifest magic
  • Create sexy boundaries
  • 5 daily videos
  • 5 daily exercises
  • BONUS video to equip you with tools for implementation

All The Tools You Need To Live Life in Alignment


Your life is shaped by what you’re saying yes to.

Are you creating healthy, SEXY boundaries?

Does your life light you up?

With this 5 day Align & Shine Challenge, find out how to dream big and disrupt your current reality.

What's stopping you?


Get conscious and trust the universe

The more you understand energy and alignment, the more life will flow.

Sometimes it’s not what you’re doing, it’s the energy you’re in.

Believe in what you stand for and go after it because you know you deserve it.

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Say yes to living in alignment

If you're here, you're ready for more. 
Take the next step and join me for your 5 day Align & Shine challenge.

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"This challenge has changed my life. I feel so HAPPY, so, ALIGNED, and READY to create magic in my life. Thank you Kim for sharing so much wonderful wisdom!"

"If you're ready to find your purpose, your passion and live a life fulfilled, then this course is for you. So much guidance and inspiration in 5 short days. Priceless"