Mentoring and coaching for 

Soul-centred paradigm shifting women

Mentoring and coaching for 

Soul-centred paradigm shifting women

For the woman who knows that she can't fit into a box.


Who's ready to dial up the parts of her that make her different and take bold courageous action towards her wildest dreams.


You deserve to live a life that turns you on and lights you up every single day!

Hey I'm Kim

I guide soul centered, paradigm shifting women back to their power, creating new levels of wealth, success, joy and abundance.

In late 2020, I gave away 90% of my possessions and booked a 1 way ticket to Bali! After many challenging life experiences, a successful 20+ modeling career and a thriving network marketing business, The Soul Digger podcast and community was born.

With over 100k downloads, 176 5* reviews the platform has inspired thousands around the world to dig deep, take the leap and go after their wildest dreams. The soul digger mission and magic is being spread throughout the world, through its podcast, community, retreats, and signature coaching, helping women all over the world achieve paradigm shifting, soul aligned success.  

My mission is to be an example of what’s possible, and support you in living out every single dream, in alignment with every cell of your soul.

My highest joy is to help you bridge the gap between fear and faith, between unknown and known. That place of ‘OMG can I do this?’, ‘Is this working?’, ‘What if it doesn’t work?’, ‘When will it show up?’, ‘Is this really possible for me?’. 

This is the gap where ALL possibilities exist and holding you in this space is my JAM!! 

Guiding you to go for it in every area of your life, leaving no ounce of potential on the table, or dream left unfulfilled. I believe that when we embrace our uniqueness, deeply honor our soul, and take aligned action, from a place of absolute faith and trust, ANYTHING is possible.  

There are no coincidences… if you are reading this, trust that your soul brought you here. 

I know that you already believe in your fullest potential. Myself and the team are ready with open arms and an open heart to be of service to you. 

Amplifying your income and impact, so that you make quantum shifts and unreasonable results in your life and business. 

To infinity and beyond.

Soul Digger programs attract women who are ready to break the rules, aspire to become all they can be, and go ALL in on their wildest dreams.

If you desire to create a life that doesn't make ‘sense’...where infinity isn't even the limit… 

You’re in the right place


Cultivate the clarity and confidence to leap into your next level of life. All the manifestation tools, foundations and energetics you need to turn your dreams into reality.

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Soul Digger Podcast

The Soul Digger podcast launched in april 2020 with the vision to create expansive experiences supporting womens next level evolution. Where women believe in their limitless potential and live in a space of infinate possibility.

This is a MUST listen for courageous women who are ready to dig deep, take the leap and manifest a life beyond their wildest dreams. 

Get empowered with practical tools, spiritual advice and aligned action to implement today! If you're ready to live authentically, fearlessly and unapologetically, hit the subscribe button.

Tune Into the Magic

"Wow wow wow! I discovered this podcast yesterday and have already listened to over 10 episodes! I feel like Kim

is speaking what is in my soul and speaking the niggling thoughts I have had in head for a while and finally given me the confidence to trust those thoughts and that intuition. Already has changed my life so much!!! I can't thank you enough Kim!!!"

- Chloe 


A place where soul-centered leaders and entrepreneurs gather to connect, grow and expand into new paradigms of possibility.

Where your soul feels safe, seen and celebrated.

Welcome home.

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The Soul Digger podcast, community, retreats, and signature coaching programs aim to support women to break free from the matrix of the hustle and struggle.

Our global community is empowering women all over the world to step into their limitless potential and normalise big money in the hands of women. We're shifting paradigms, in which we realise that freedom, authenticity and energetic alignment are key ingredients for manifesting the life of your dreams.

We believe in inevitable success in wealth and business, in truth and the frequency of highest consciousness, and living at the edge of your capacity for accelerated personal transformation. We are a movement of soul-led dreamers and leaders uplifting one another in becoming the energetic match for miracles.

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