Freedom From Within

Freedom From Within

Are you ready to...?

Create financial, spiritual & emotional freedom?

Grow and become all that you can be?

Create your dream life with ease, grace and flow?

Enjoy the journey and have fun along the way?


Work with me to create the life of your dreams.


Own your truth and become the magnetic woman you are destined to be. 

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Dig deep and discover the magic within with 5* Podcast, The Soul Digger.

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Hey There


I’m Kim Mellor,

On a mission to help women create freedom from the inside out so they reach the fullest expression of their potential and become a Magnet for Miracles.

I'm also an ordinary girl who decided to take one step everyday in the direction of my dreams to become who I am today; a heart centred, ambitious, fun loving queen who loves herself and trusts life fully!

Who's now on a mission to help millions of women around the world to do the same.


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